STAFF REPORT IBD: Speakers at a seminar underlined the need for efforts to strengthen Pakistans capacity to deal with vagaries of climate change, largely induced through anthropogenic interventions that result in global warming and said that in this regard all government departments and civil society organizations will have to work jointly.

They said at the launching ceremony of the National Climate Change Policy of Pakistan here.

“Highlighting vulnerability of the country due to increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters in the country, which are being caused due to changing and unpredictable weather patterns. We need to work together with civil society organizations to mitigate these impacts and help vulnerable communities, particularly those associated with agriculture, to better adapt to changing weather patterns,” said Federal Minister for Climate Change, Rana Farooq Saeed Khan.

Muhammad Ali Gardezi, Secretary Ministry of Climate Change in his welcome remarks informed the audience about the extensive process of consultations with all the Federal and Provincial stakeholders.

The federal secretary said that in fact the policy is an over-arching document of the Government of Pakistan.

Federal Secretary also mentioned that this policy reflects the vulnerability and challenges being faced by the country as a result of changing climate. Besides, it provides strategic direction to cope with the climate-induced threats such as sea level rise, devastating floods, erratic and unpredictable rains and shifting monsoon patterns.

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