container gardenSTAFF REPORT FBD: In order to promote kitchen gardening in the province, the Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) has initiated supply of packets of different vegetables seeds to the masses. Per capita daily use of 280 grams of vegetables help maintaining the health of human being but unfortunately in Pakistan usage of vegetable is at half of the required standard.

Fruit and Vegetable Development Project Director, Muhammad Asif Khan disclosed this while inaugurating a recently held one-day workshop on training being imparted to master trainers under the kitchen gardening programme.

He said that promotion of kitchen gardening is essential to resolve the issues of public health and improving the lives of the masses.

Head of Institute of Vegetable Research Faisalabad, Dr Shahid Niaz Nazim claimed that his institute was working hard to create awareness amongst the masses about kitchen gardening and its production technology.

He said that empty vessels, cartons, plastic bags and pots could be used for growing vegetables at home. He said vegetables can be sown on roofs of the house too. Other experts expressed views on preparation of land, irrigation, use of nutrients and steps to tackle pests.

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