76484385_50bc4d1049STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Assembly Standing Committee has recently approved the bill about grey trafficking on information technology that is expected to control the grey trafficking that causes the national exchequer billions of rupees annually. The bill will be made into the law during the next session on the issue. Due to the absence of senior officials who are responsible to take over these matters, the bill got delayed for passage into law.

The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2010 is also relevant to grey trafficking and is part of the agenda of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on information technology. The Standing Committee wants the queries answered over the items in the provisions of the bill so that the legislative body can be brought up to date on the issue, but the officials had not responded.

Despite, the Standing Committees concern for banning of YouTube, the government has not moved an inch regarding the matter.

The meeting also noted that the consultants hired for 3G auction were paid in millions of rupees by the government, but nothing has been done in terms of bidding for the 3G technology. Thus, the money has gone to waste yet again due to lack of proper strategy.

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