grain_storage_facilitySTAFF REPORT IBD: Food is the basic right of every citizen in the country and the government is taking practical steps to provide nutritious food to every individual.

“For the purpose of food security, the provincial governments must enhance the storage capacity and we will have to work with good faith for achieving the objectives,” said Nadeem Afzal Chan, Chairman Public Accounts Committee while addressing the concluding session of consultative workshop at NARC organized by PARC.

He appreciated the efforts of PARC for food self-sufficiency and said the present government for the first time has introduced the Food and Nutrition Security Policy.

On the occasion, PARC Chairman Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed said that working groups are determining the evolution process and ascertaining proposals for finalizing the draft of National Food and Security Policy in the country. He hoped that valuable suggestions will help the authorities to formulate a radical and meaningful policy to cope the issue of food security in the country.

He said that National Food and Nutrition Security Policy is aimed at provision of food to real in need and increase of agriculture produce.

He further said  that “National Zero Hunger Programme” is launched for hunger-free Pakistan and this is aimed at promotion of Urban and Peri -Urban agriculture and awareness about the deteriorating situation of resources due to several human interfering habits.

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