STAFF REPORT IBD: Keeping up with its splendid traditions as a responsible corporate citizen, the Dawn Bread has introduced oxo-biodegradable packaging for the first time in Pakistan. The pioneering initiative by the company has brought the company the distinction of being the first and the only one offering its products in environment friendly oxo-biodegradable packaging.

“The new packaging is designed to control and shorten the life of normal plastic products and packaging. The d2W technology converts ordinary plastic at the end of its useful life into an environment-friendly material,” said an official of the company.

Currently, Pakistan faces critical environmental challenges and the polythene bags are one of the major contributors to exacerbating this problem.

Polythene bags are also  causing serious issues for human and animal health in the country.

Oxo-biodegradable plastics degrade in the presence of atmospheric oxygen, UV light, and moisture. There are no toxic chemicals or toxic gases produced during the decomposition process. The end by-products are biomass, carbon dioxide (CO2), and water (H2O). Oxo-biodegradable plastic packaging is proven to be safe for long-term contact with any food products.

The initiative taken by the Dawn Bread has also been commended by various environmental activists and civil society organizations with the expectations for the other industrial and business organizations of the country to follow.

It is also mentionable here that according to scientific estimates the plastic bags may take centuries to decompose naturally. They present a threat to the environment not only because they occupy landfills but also because of the emissions resulting from their production. The bags are also known to be dangerous to animals which might ingest them accidentally.

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