UVASSTAFF REPORT LHR: Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA) has offered collaboration to the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) in order to strengthen the veterinary profession and academic pursuits.

The offer was made by CVA President Prof Dr Abdul Rehman during a recently arranged lecture on “Role of CVA in Promoting Veterinary Profession”.

Dr. Rehman said that the role of the veterinarians has been increased to ensure the food safety and security to minimize the life risk. Because, most of the mysterious disease comes from wild animal to human which was causing life threat especially rabies, anthrax, brucellosis, TB, swine flu, nipah virus, bird flu, and ebola virus. He referred to the rabies which was caused by 35000 deaths in Asia.

“Livestock sector is the most important alternate to agriculture and has provided tremendous avenues of income generation and creating job opportunity,” he said.

He explained that the growth of livestock was unprecedented as against the agriculture sector which reflects as gamble due to sudden climate change. He said that CVA has been putting a plan to strengthen the veterinary profession across the developing countries.

He advised the veterinarians to play their role in poverty alleviation through livestock development in rural areas. A strong working relationship between veterinarians and livestock farmers is therefore very necessary.

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