Barbarahbs_optSTAFF REPORT IBD: The Green Economy is needed more than ever but it needs to be embedded in social and democratic procedures, and to combat climate change, it is crucial to switch from a fossil-fuel based economy to a more efficient model run on renewable energies. This was the crux of a recently arranged experts talk by Barbara Unmuessig, President of the Heinrich Boell Stiftung (HBS) here. The event was jointly organized by SDPI and HBS on the occasion of Barbara Unmuessigs visit to Pakistan. “One has to realize that we live in a resource finite world and there is need for

more efficient and innovative production and consumption patterns,” Barbara argued and added a new model moreover also needs clear social guidelines and distribution measures. Commenting on concept of green economy, she said that the concept of Green Economy still remains vague as the expectation that stakeholders at Rio+20 couldnt agree on a final definition of Green Economy. She said, “The concept emerging from UNEP and OECD was initially framed in a limited way and also, it has been understood very differently among States and within civil society.”

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