STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has painful history of disasters that have seriously affected the socio-economic status of the country. Nine out of 10 disasters occurred in the country chiefly due to the climate change and this is increasing with each passing year. If disaster is manageable then there is less loss of life and property. These remarks were ex-pressed by various speakers at a four-day workshop on Advanced Geo-Spatial Disaster Management Techniques. The workshop was arranged by the Institute of Space Technology (IST), in collaboration with our SUPARCO. Chairman SUPARCO Major General Ahmed Bilal was the chief guest while IST Vice Chancellor Engr Imran Rahman was also present on the occasion. We need to find out that why houses are built in water path ways and why the water drainage system is blocked, the speakers said adding that in this scenario space technology can be of vital importance. Now the technology cannot only provide all the data but also predict for future disasters.

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