STAFF REPORT KHI: Samsung Galaxy Note II has been a successful story since its launch in October 2012. Samsung is celebrating the success of its Samsung Galaxy Note II by organizing Creative Guru events in various cafes of Pakistan.

According to details, within two months of its launch, Galaxy Note II sold more than five million units with the demand of smart phones rapidly expanding. It has surely been a bigger success than its predecessor Galaxy Note I due to the sheer overwhelming number of units sold.

The inauguration ceremony of Creative Guru has recently been held in Lahore. It was attended by prominent personalities. An experienced sketch artist from the National College of Arts utilized the expensive S-pen features of the Note II to draw a sketch of Humaima Malik. This even will further expand to popular cafes of Karachi and Islamabad. The winners of the events will receive Samsung Galaxy Note II as the prize.

The demand of Samsung Galaxy II has been popular in the country, due to which its demands are increased to an extent that it is in shortage in the market.

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