STAFF REPORT KHI: Full-of-talent Pakistani students are shining in almost every field of science and technology throughout the world. A group of similar such shining stars have achieved yet another milestone by introducing a soft touchscreen computer table.

The touchscreen table is designed by a team of IT students of a private university of Karachi. The group was led by 26-year-old Hamad who gave a demonstration of the multiuser machine.

“Its a waterproof table which contains 28 touch-points which means several people can simultaneously operate it,” Hamad told the media while dragging images on the high-tech computer.

The computer table, which looks like an iPad, has been built for the first time in Pakistan, adding another feather in the cap of countrys brilliant university students and the IT sector.

it is to be mentioned here that elsewhere in the world, the machine is being used in restaurants to order food. However, Hamad says a bit expensive screen could be in reach of a common man if produced on commercial basis.

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