STAFF REPORT LHR: The first-ever International Urdu Bloggers Conference 2013 has recently been held at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) that was organised by the Asian Canadian Journalists Association (ACJA). Purpose of the event was to make aware the business community that they do not need to learn English or any other language to use modern technology, because ideas and solutions are available in Urdu all due to the efforts of Urdu bloggers.

Over the recent few years, blogging has gained much importance due to the opportunity it provides as an alternative media. The points where mainstream media fails, blogging never does because it is written independently and with passion on various aspects of society and life. In this, language is no barrier.

“ACJA has plans of conducting many such conferences annually across different cities in Pakistan that will provide platform to Urdu bloggers and promote their work through networking,” said Mohsin Abbas, the President of the ACJA, on the occasion.

Bloggers are online journalists of a different sort because they have words and power beyond the broadcasting media, which is telecast only in a few places, whereas a blog can be accessed from any place on the planet.

Mohsin said that Urdu blogging in Pakistan is one such way where people who often get left behind from sharing their opinions because they dont use English will have no problems all due to social medias potential to cross that kind of focus.

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