STAFF REPORT KHI: The Directorate of Agriculture Extension of Sindh has rejected the report prepared by a committee constituted to determine the reason behind the yellow leaf curl virus attack on tomato crop in some districts of Sindh, which badly affected its yield.

“The committee headed by Director Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department (FSCandRD) Anwar Uddin Memon has submitted its report to the Agriculture Extension Sindh but did not conclude the real cause of the attack of YLCV on tomato crops in various districts of Sindh,” sources said.

The source said that the committee did not ascertain the real cause of YLCV attack in a bid to protect the reputation of FSCandRD. Hidayatullah Chajjro, Head of Agriculture Extension, Sindh, also confirmed that the committee had submitted its report but failed to determine the real cause of the attack.

“I have directed the head of the committee to determine the real cause and submit detailed findings in this regard,” he said.

He said the committee comprises researchers, horticulture officials and representatives of growers. Agriculture Extension will inform the FSCandRD if the committee finds that it is a seed-borne attack, he said.

According to Shahid Hussain, Director General, FSCandRD, tomato crops in some districts of Sindh are attacked by YLCV but added that viral attack on crop usually does not occur due to seeds.

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