Technology_management_LG_FOCTECHNOLOGY IS jolting the worlds norms again. Businesses are changing as per the paradigm shift due to technological influences in each and every field of life. So does the human behaviour in contingencies is moderated due to technology with the premises of different entities.

Technology is shifting the focus from economy to human rights. More and more bloggers are using modern technology for raising awareness thus provoking a leader termed as Online Leader. We are facing a future which may suffer from a leaderless society or perhaps some near future developments may change the tomorrow. So far, technology is serving the purposes of all. Innovations are disrupting the routines followed previously. Organizational leaders are facing now very tough times to compete with new entrants which are full of natural potential (youth with IT skills) as well as aware of modern techniques.

One such entrant is Google which is leading the businesses and in fact, having a strong impact on all sorts of activities in our daily life. Googles young minds are manifesting the qualities of being very much into Foresight as well as catering the needs, the changing requirements, of the present age workers. Dynamic behaviour of leaders thus is keeping it up high in performance.

However, the success may not be attributed only to strategy, dynamism or other jargon on business literature and research work. There is validated observation of companies playing with the policy instruments to win the business globally thus we hear often about political election campaigns being supported by pharma or IT or other companies due to focus on long mid-term foresight. This is also observed in the case of Google which is observed to be investing huge amounts of money in lobbying the government to gain business friendly policies. In the year 2012, Google topped the lobbying list. The total amount of money invested by the IT giant is said to be more than $13 millions. This figure is quoted from a web site of repute keeping a tract of all such activities by technology manufacturers and vendors.

In Technology Foresight Pakistan, while sharing experiences with others, one of the expert who is known as an authoritative and highly know figure among the renewable energy technology board, mentioned this aspect that the main hurdle between the policy of renewable energy and its implementation is hidden power of those who wish not to lose business in the market. It is pursued very actively and said to be the strategy used by the tech giants. We also need to think about the blocking of some web portals in Pakistan are resulting in a huge loss of the giants who have a worth equivalent to or more $75 millions. Such tech giants may they be part of oil company, IT company, car company, mobile, transport or else, they have the power in their hands to manipulate with the policies. It is depicted as hobby to lobby but it is the core value, perhaps, to win market. How long one can stand in front of these giants with a weak faith in Allah, humanitys welfare and care for environment. They will continue to pursue their hobby by promoting those who help them in getting bigger share of pie.

It is also validated that in bringing up prime ministers and presidents these tech giants (usually pharmaceutical giants in US) help in campaign financially which wins elections based on democracy (said to be faulty but the only best one despite making the vote of a scholar and an ignorant equal; and despite the close fight winner is given full authority though 49 per cent voted for looser). The hospital technology is said to be the mostly high price tech with huge demand. Their journals on Information Technology are observed to have the maximum impact factor and rated the most accessed journals of health tech field globally. One top most journal is accessed so much that its impact factor was more than 100 but in management science the highest impact factor journal never crosses 9.

How come then these giants who are so powerful stop their lobby hobby for the sake of humanity? It is possible if we believe in Allah and its creatures to be the real power and spend millions golden coins on their welfare. Though Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation is projected as being socially responsible but their activities are all functional i.e. to market their company. The best generosity is the one that your left hand doesnt know you helped someone, huh.

May we not think about the cost we are paying for this hobby: Climate Change and increase in natural disasters for love with technology, economy, money, aesthetics, artificial beauty, fantasy and intrusive natural environment rather than food, water, fields, jungles, flowing waters and pure nature.


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