crvm_optIN PAKISTAN there are many utilities of the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) in different news channels to create the nearest original environment of any event that occurs at that time. Computer-based visualisation is becoming increasingly important in natural resource management. Virtual reality has been involved in a wide range of academic and commercial applications. It can give users a natural feeling of the environment by creating realistic virtual worlds. The VRML can be seen as a 3-D visual extension of the WWW. People can navigate through 3-D space and click on objects representing URLs (including other VRML worlds). More often, VRML is pronounced like Vermal”, not V-R-M-L”. Since its first release in 1994, the VRML is widely used today for simulations, scientific visualizations and different architectural models on the internet. The use of 360 degree panoramas animation and movies have become common, Google Earth is very common example of it. Many games are based on VRML which are very famous among us, but very rare we think about it that how they are working as I told you it is due to VRML.

VRML is a scene description language which describes the behaviour of the 3D world and defines how a user will navigate in the 3D world. It is used widely on the web due to its simplicity and portability. The text format of VRML quickly allows the creation of virtual worlds having 3D shapes, lighting, sound effects, fog effects and even animations. VRML uses a Cartesian coordinate system to create 3D objects.

VRML is largely used to present 3D graphics on web. VRML file is a simple text file which contains objects and their attributes and specifies the structure and organization of virtual worlds. VRML can also be used for animation sequences. The extension name of all VRML files are WRL at the end of the text file, or the binary file by compression format. The file can be written by a text editor or by VRML pad. The VRML files can directly run by VRML browser. Also, it can be run by its browser with plug-in.

The VRML essentially mediates the computing (CPU, and memory), Network (bandwidth) and storage (capacity, throughput and IO per second) resources between various applications that request them just as the telecommunications network allocates the switching, transmission and access resources to meet its IN service requirements. Using the VRML services, a Service Collaboration Network (SCN) Platform, can be developed and provided by multiple service providers.

On the other hand the user can configure the environment using a simple configuration file which is available on different webs. Using the configuration file, the user can specify the number of models to be loaded and also the location for each model in the virtual environment. The application also provides flexibility to scale the parts, objects or scenes. This is to consider for our software engineers. It is another field which should be considered for the development of IT in Pakistan. Although there are few universities in Pakistan which are working on this as a research base priorities but much more is needed to compete the world.

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