halal meat.1_optSTAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab Halal Development Authority (PHDA) Chairman former Justice Khalil ur Rehman has stressed the need for establishing accredited laboratories for Halal products especially meat to maximise exports from Punjab.

He said that the government is interested in establishing a hub of meat exports in the province and the PHDA is conducting training programmes on producing, packing, exporting with Halal standards with the help of other countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

The PHDA Chairman was speaking at a recently held meeting of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Standing Committee on “Halal Meat”.

On the occasion, former Justice Khalil ur Rehman also stressed the need to set up research institutes with the mutual collaboration of the business community and the government. He emphasised on maintaining international standards for Halal meat production.

The matter of meat stealing during checking and clearing at the airport was also discussed and the committee proposed taking an action against those involved in this illegal practice.

The committee demanded installation of scanning machines at the airports in order to avoid unloading of containers for unnecessary checking purpose. This would not only help in saving time, but also protect the perishable products from damage.

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