STAFF REPORT PSR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Barrister Masood Kausar has given go ahead signal to execute the Kurram Tangi Dam, a long awaited multi-purpose project, situated in North Waziristan Agency, which on completion will bring 0.35 million acres land of Bannu and Lakki districts under cultivation in addition to generating 83MW electricity. The project is expected to cost Rs 59 billion.

Presiding over a high level meeting at the Governors House, Peshawar, the Governor further stated that security will never be an issue as far as this project is concerned and he also constituted a steering committee representing all the key stakeholders to overview the implementation process and address any difficulty, if arises at any stage.

“We feel more than happy to witness a suitable environment for materialising the project and since the desired level of mechanisms, procedural requirements and above all the support from the stakeholders is very much there, therefore, there should be no delay in launching this project,” the Governor maintained.

On the occasion, the Governor was informed that the federal government has already allocated an amount of Rs 500 million for acquisition of land. Senator Salim Saifullah Khan highlighted the importance of the project for generating economic activities in Fata.

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