produktbilde_fiery_ice_optSTAFF REPORT KHI: The Marine Scientific Research has found the evidence of presence of a large quantity of gas hydrates in the offshores of Makran Coast and efforts are underway to exploit this potential by utilizing sea-based minerals and gas hydrates.

“Technology and Innovation Policy (STandI) 2012, target oriented exploration activities are required to be conducted to quantify and map the expected potential of this huge source of natural methane gas as well as oil and gas resources in maritime areas,” said Chairperson Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) Dr. Mudassar Israr while talking to the media.

The policy focuses that the exploration and exploitation of maritime areas has to be pursued more vigorously to meet the future challenges of energy demand.

Dr. Mudasar said that it was essential to map the available resources of sea through oceanographic, bathymetric seafloor classification and high resolution seismic surveys. For this purpose, two oceanographic research vessels, one for working in coastal areas and the other for surveys in deep waters, are required.

She said that capacity building of the National Institute of Oceanography in the areas of mapping of tidal energy potential, bathymetry, high resolution marine acoustics, integrated coastal zone management and monitoring of marine pollution is necessary to carry out its mandate effectively and efficiently.

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