electric power_optSTAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan is set to install the USAID-funded Automated Metre Reading (AMR), which would help the government-owned power distribution companies (DISCOs) reduce line losses and enhance revenues. Since the government has never been able to develop a proper system of this very basic electricity supply and distribution system, the USAID came to assist even this one.

The installation of these metres will begin within the next two to three months, an official told this scribe saying it would be the largest AMR rollout in Pakistan where around 17,000 AMR metres have been installed in five different DISCOs around the country. Furthermore, new equipment will also be introduced that will focus on the frequency and duration of power outages, he said.

Through this AMR project, areas where high electricity thefts take place will be primary dealt with. There will be little requirement of any human intervention as the system will be computerized and use technology to transmit metre readings data through GSM/GPRS and Radio Frequency. With the application of technology, energy consumption trend can also be established and consumer trends can be formed into different patterns and categories.

According to experts, at least one thing that has been achieved through this foreign aid project is the training of the personnel, which was needed to get made technically smart manpower to handle issues like difficult in lines.

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