oracle_optSTAFF REPORT KHI: The 3G technology is a big opportunity for information technology companies in Pakistan as they have a crucial role in the launch and operation of the high-speed and heavy data technology to millions of cellular users across the country.

“The 3G technology on mobile phone is based on data storage and transmission which will be the requirement of all operators hence Oracle sees its vital role in the launch of 3G technology in Pakistan, which is currently in development stages,” said Pakistan and South Asia Growth Economy (West) Managing Director Ahsen Javed, while talking to media.

He pointed out that around 50 units of big textile companies have used Oracles different solutions and witnessed excellent responses regarding the efficiency of their production. Similarly the adopting trend of latest technology is amazingly high in Pakistans enterprises particularly in financial sectors, telecom companies, manufacturing units and government department, he added.

He is very optimistic about Oracle business growth in Pakistan by virtue of potential in the local market. Oracle business in Pakistan has witnessed handsome progress as its customers base reached up to 1,100 including big and middle size corporation, he concluded.

Pakistans companies are very eager to adopt technology in their business surprisingly in contrast with the impression that people running their family business are shy in adopting technology in the businesses.

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