THE WRITTEN test conducted recently by the NTS for recruitment of teachers in the Sindh education department was marred by serious mismanagement and malpractices. Candidates themselves confirmed the use of mobile phones for cheating. The test conducting staff was in most cases found too inexperienced to supervise the test smoothly and transparently.

In some instances, the staff themselves were involved in facilitating their favourites. It is unfortunate that such a crucial task of screening suitable candidates for appointment as teachers to build the future of the nation was not done in a serious and sincere manner.

As a candidate, I dialled 10 numbers of the organisation several times on the day of the test but in vain. This was sheer neglect.

Even the project director avoided attending the call and replying the text messages sent to draw his attention towards the mismanagement and irregularities.

Mubarak Ali@Sanghar

By Web Team

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