innovation_lightbulb_optCAPITALISM, THE survivor, is facing tough times. Much uproar is being observed to overcome the hegemony of some in the world. Corporates are facing extreme criticism for the love of profit is overtaking that of humanity and ecosystem. We have experienced the uprisings against Wall Street and some activists are still raising their concerns on different media for global awakening to recognize the root cause of the problems what the common perception says is capitalism.

Yet, as the clock is ticking, so does the strategic managers and thinkers of the capitalistic entities are reshaping their visions, missions, goals, objectives and slogans just to project their activities as nature, people and ecology friendly but not direct it to be like that. Rather, the projection is only a “face-saving” technique which improves their image in the minds of “techno-absorbers” (usually youth) who are fascinated by high degree of innovation and sophistication, though this behavior lasts not longer than 30s or 40s in most of the cases (as observed by the researchers).

The innovation is a business strategy to capture the world market for being a leader in economic war fare. The antecedent of the innovation is said to be science and technology. Knowledge led to a new paradigm which is capturing the opponents via. economy which is more peaceful as compared to nuclear warfare. The techno-political global policy of world leaders have been criticized for its focus on not sharing the R and D outcomes rather keeping confidential particular outcomes defense money utilized by civil R and D projects. This depicts the peculiar thinking of the global leaders tanks focusing not on diversity of humanity to prosper but focusing on convergence of emergence. Consequently, the technovation population all over the world void of core values is getting more strength.

The slogan by world powers of Innovation is invading the natural existence. Focus is to somehow satisfy the population which may not revolt against the techno-leaders of the world powers. Not signing the CTBT, disagreement on giving internet powers to China and Russia etc, going against the resolutions of UN, not supporting the Needs but needs which are of luxury lovers, providing innovation which is non-frugal and only for those who have abundance to satisfy not basic necessities but the aesthetics, simple is pimple unacceptable and would be gotten rid off sooner by innovative solutions, old trends living very hardly which supported the customs, culture, vales and traditions. Belief system, patience, honesty, self-accountability etc are rare as computer is monitoring the very inch, minute and incidents of life rather than giving room to some of mistakes as they are allowed for a purpose by the nature.

Innovation is getting ferocious on our traditions as we were greenery lovers but now we love to give gadgets as gifts. we used to love fruits and veges but now green belts are full of flowers and aesthetic plants which are for rich ones. The frugality is not there rather innovation is only to tempt those worry not about the poor and deprived, who care little for orphans, ladies and old ones. Innovation slogan is gaining strength due to support by capitalism which pays not the due attention to communism.

Its not that we dont like change; but its human love with righteousness. Innovation invasion may be a salvation but may we not let evolution getting ignored for the sake of economy. Ecology is getting buried under technology so we predict the depiction of WALL•E (2008).


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