ppl6_optSTAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has announced that it will rely on Stress Field Detection (SFD) technology to conduct aerial reconnaissance flights to explore hydrocarbon traps and reservoirs. PPL will be the first company to utilise the SFD technology in Pakistan. To develop this SFD technology, the Canadian-based geo-physical service company NXT Energy Solutions has provided their expertise, says a press release issued here last week.

SFD is said to be a cutting-edge and eco-friendly method that explores oil and other mineral resources within a short period of time and with affordability. Despite limited access and infrastructure, the SFD technology is being applied to the frontier region. The identification of potential energy resources can be fast-tracked with SFD technology.

Previously, it used to take somewhere between two and a half years to three years, but now with SFD technology takes only about a month. This technology has been used in North America for the past two decades. However, the expense of the SFD technology is high with the cost being around $13-$15 million, but it is way low than $100 million that it used to cost earlier.

The government must encourage and support this SFD technology for other energy exploration companies in Pakistan so that the country becomes independent in energy production whilst it can.

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