STAFF REPORT IBD: About 72 per cent of Pakistans population is connected to mobile phones and only 12 per cent has a bank account, said Hammad Rabbani of Waseela Bank while addressing a recently held discussion forum organised by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) here.

He said the telecommunications companies are trying to convert those 12 per cent into 72 per cent and leverage their customer base through mobile banking services. Hammad explained this while talking about mobile cash, a new money transfer service introduced by cellular companies.

The employers of telecommunications and banking sector in Pakistan attended the discussion forum which had based on the theme “what challenges accountancy profession will face globally in coming years due to changing world economic climate and business environment”.

The report on which this discussion forum was based titled “100 drivers of change for global accountancy profession” researched by ACCAs Accountancy Future Academy and Institute of Management accountants (IMA), USA”.

The panelists talked about their innovative business models and how telecomm and banking are coming together to deliver the services to their consumers in Pakistan.

Noor Aftab, head of ACCA Islamabad, highlighted the importance of these forums which define the future of accountancy profession.

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