DoST Water filteration_optSTAFF REPORT PST: Directorate of Science and Technology (DoST) under its “Promotion and support to RandD efforts in public and private sectors” has financed for the preparation and propagation of “Ceramic Water Purification Filters” developed indigenously by the Environment Department of PCSIR Laboratories Complex Peshawar from locally available materials for the first time in Pakistan. The concept behind the development of these filters was conceived after the devastating Floods of 2010 where mass population including women and children were facing extreme shortage of clean drinking water and were dependent upon the relieve agencies for supply of same.

DoST has taken number of initiatives to disseminate the technologies developed by RandD Organizations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) under the component of human resource development through transfer of technology which could be beneficial for people of the province at grass root level basically for poverty alleviation through transfer of innovative, environmentally friendly technologies having the potential to create businesses and job opportunities resulting in Job opportunities, income generation, and promoting sustainable rural and urban development.

These filters are being made using locally available materials including rice husk, silver celluloids as main components for removal of bacterial and other micro-organism contamination.

These filters can process and clean 1.25 liters of contaminated water per hour. These filters can be cleaned with simple piece of cloth on weekly basis to remove deposits accumulated at the base. The life of these filters is about 2 years. These filters are highly portable and can used for emergency relief as well as for daily house hold use, and need no electricity or extra piping.

In this regard an awareness workshop regarding the development of Ceramic Water Filters was held last month where300 filters were disseminated and distributed in Pabbi.

Request for placement of 80 filters at public location including schools, colleges, office of District Administrators etc for awareness purpose has also been received from ACO Charsadda

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