STAFF REPORT IBD: A local company has demonstrated its biometric solution for cellular companies, capable of validating customers identity in real time. Kwick High Tech and Solutions, the only SIMs maker in the country, the requirement which the PTA has mandated all cellular service providers to deploy by February 28s. Kwick has come up with this solution that can be deployed at service centres and franchised points in order to validate the customers identity in real time. According to it, the biometric solution is capable to communicate in real time with the data server – hosted at cellular companies – to validate the CNIC holders. Besides, there is another module that can use GPRS/EDGE service as a communication channel and can be installed to validate the customer identity against his/her CNIC. The PTA, after slapping a ban on the sale of SIMs at retail outlets, had asked all the cellular companies to come up with a biometric solution for verifying their customers. The deadline for verification system set by authority is February 28. However, final directives are yet to come regarding the procedures for the deployment of this system. It is to be mentioned here that some cellular companies hope about the revival of SIMs sale installation of this system.

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