STAFF REPORT IBD: Prof. Dr Khalid Rafique, a specialist in policy research, has said that lack of proper policy on research and management is the main cause of the energy crisis in Pakistan.

He said this while addressing a seminar titled “Power Energy Crisis in Pakistan” recently organised by the IEEE chapter of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NU-FAST).

“The power industry structure has major inefficiencies in the transmission and distribution sectors and the present generation mix of electricity which is heavily dependant on oil and gas,” he maintained.

In his remarks, Prof. Dr Muhammad Saeed, while presiding over the session, emphasised the importance of the utilisation of alternative energy resources like wind and solar energy, and a need for better policy options for a smarter power generation mix.

He further said that Pakistans per capita consumption of electricity at 47 watts/person is far below the worlds average consumption of 313 watts/person and this issue needed to be addressed at priority for a better future for the country.

Dr Khalid said that policy research is the major concern for the country and there is a dire need for encouraging an atmosphere of thought provoking discussions at the university level to help students understand real issues possible solutions for specific sectors.

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