STAFF REPORT KHI: First International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine has recently been held at Khatmandu, Nepal, by the Nepalese Association of Medical Microbiology (NAMM) in collaboration with Nepal Polymer Institute (NPI) in order to promote interdisciplinary scientific study better comprehension between major human diseases and their treatment regime by applying todays cutting edge technology of nanotechnology.

This conference was exclusively planned to strengthen the network of scientists and young researchers from South Asian Countries to rest of the world. The conference was highly attended with the participants belong to 20 countries of the world, UK, USA, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, UAE, Camnada, Poland South Africa, Bangladesh, India and others.

Two Pakistani young scientists and faculty members, Siknadar Sherwani from Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technnology, Karachi Campus, microbiologist by profession, and Yasir Zahoor from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences-Lahore, a molecular biologist were also got an opportunity to present their research work.

Sherwani presented the current scenario in Karachi-based pathological laboratories regarding the hand washing practices, and Yasir presented the gene expression study regarding mutant strains of Hep B. Hon.

Both the fellows also got a chance of attending a one-day short course Tropical Diseases and Recent Trends in Nanomedicine.

The conference provided a wonderful opportunity and discussion forum largely attended clinicians, microbiologists, pathologists, epidemiologists, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, natural polymer scientists, biomaterial scientists and nanotechnologists on the conference.

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