STAFF REPORT IBD: It is a point of high pride for Pakistani people in general and the telecom industry in particular as Tauseef Afzal, a Pakistani telecom professional, has secured the high profile Kofi Annan Fellowship, which shows that the Pakistan youth has a high potential in the field of information technology.

It is to be mentioned here that this is granted annually to only two persons across the world by evaluating their professional and academic excellence and the potential to become a successful business leader.

Tauseef holds an MS in Telecom Engineering degree from Germany, has 8-year experience in the telecom field and is well known for his efforts for the promotion of the next generation technologies in Pakistan like 3G/LTE Trials and arranging seminars for encouraging the government and operators to launch 3G/LTE services in the country.

He has authored the famous “Guide to Higher Education in Europe”, which is hosted by hundreds of websites.

He has benefitted thousands of students in pursuing higher education across the world. As part of the Kofi Annan Fellowship, he will pursue his fully funded MBA from one of the top business schools in Europe.

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