STAFF REPORT IBD: Todays education in Pakistan facing a lot of challenges at all levels. The biggest issue that deprives quality education in the country to become a reality is the lack of proper accreditation system for quality control of educational services in schools. With the growth of tuition centres around the country and dependence of students on them, schools are ignored for their lack of high standards.

These remarks were expressed by Dr. Kamran Moosa from PIQC Institute of Quality while addressing a recent seminar organized by the Institute of Space Technology (IST) to observe the World Quality Day in Islamabad.

Purpose of marking the day was to create awareness about the standards and modern approaches toward quality systems, which include such processes as evaluating influences on human lives.

A large number of students, educationists and Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) officials from various universities across Pakistan participated in the seminar.

Dr. Moosa said that the culture of tutoring a child has given a sense in parents that they are fulfilling their part of the responsibility of providing quality education, whereas the truth is just the opposite.

He suggests establishment of evening programmes to increase literacy rate in Pakistan and to improve education.

Prof. Wahid Mir talked about the development of quality education through Student Quality Circles (SQC), which is a new approach for educational institutes.

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