STAFF REPORT IBD: A Pakistani fish-seller living in Britain came into highlight and became an internet sensation due to his unique style of selling fish. The man, named Shahid Nazir, came to be known as One Pound Fish Man. He belongs to a small town called Pattoki, Punjab province and had been in London to study business and left his family in Pakistan to build a better future for them.

When he started working in East Londons Queens Market in Upton Park, he came up with a song to attract buyers for sale of fish. With the power of the social media and the worlds largest video-sharing site that asks users to “broadcast yourself”, YouTube became his means for world fame, when a user uploaded his video. This video clip went viral and so did his fame. He was immediately offered a deal by Warner Music.

Now, the song has entered Britains top 10 Christmas charts. The original video made by an amateur had received around 4.6 million hits and then there is also a professionally made video, which received 2 million views so far. Due to all of this attention, Nazir has also gained followers on Twitter, now nearly 28,000. Nazir is not the first Pakistani internet sensation, but he is the one taken in a positive manner by the general public.

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