STAFF REPORT KHI: As a step further for Pakistan in working toward achieving energy independence and environment-friendly energy practices, the countrys first ever 50MW wind power project has recently gone operational in Jhampir, near Thatta, Sindh province.

This wind power project is first in the series of other planned projects for Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor. The other projects have been promised to get into functional phase very soon. Although at present, Pakistan is highly dependent on its fuel imports, but there is always a first step on a journey and for Pakistans future environmental protection, even this small wind power project means a lot.

Thatta has been termed as the future Wind Power Centre of Pakistan. The President remarked the historical and cultural importance of Thatta to the country.

With an increasing population of the country and the developmental stages that it is going through, fuel needs are bound to rise. Instead of decreasing those needs, Pakistan can work on many such environment-friendly energy sources and on renewable energy sources. Private investment into Pakistans wind power projects can also be a prospect that the government should look into. The Thatta wind power project has been set to power the industrial zone in the city.

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