WE ARE pioneer dairy technologist session 2007-2011. This degree has started first time in the history of Pakistan in October 2007 whereas this degree was started in India 25 years ago. In Pakistan about 25% of total home budget is expends on milk and related products in this regard, although dairy industry has proved tremendous job in stability and economy of this country but not to the extent to what it should be?.

Produced milk in France is not more in quantity than Pakistan where 97% milk is processed commercially into a vast variety of milk products. These products are “healthy nutritious cheeses” and other value added products. However, Pakistan being fourth (4th) largest producer of milk processed only 5-8% milk into the UHT Milk, Pasteurized milk, Tea whitener, butter, yoghurt, ghee, cheese, ice cream, flavored milk etc. It is also worth to mention that there is high milk adulteration (93%) in Pakistan. This situations leading to serious health concern like hepatitis, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Aging, Food poisoning, Immunity problems, Different types of fever etc and therefore needs strict check and balance.  Based on the above facts, involvement of dairy technologist is necessary to overcome on the said problems and to play their role in the country economy. All these however, need a plat form for dairy technologist, dairy research institute at national level.


1: 4th largest milk producer but still no effect on economy of country.

2: No laws and regulation to check the quality of milk for drinking purposes especially in the country

3: People are using 93 per cent adulterated milk but no one knows about health hazards

4: There is need of a central quality checking lab for milk and milk base products

5: No job opportunity for dairy technologist to serve the countrys economy in private and government sector

7: There is no Dairy Inspector in Pakistan for the improvement and checking the quality of milk

Solutions and suggestions:

1: There is urgent need for the development of commercial processing plant in highly milk producing areas in Pakistan

2:  To increase the milk processing capacity up to 97% instead of 5-8%

3: To motivate the current milk producing industries to start the production of milk products such as cheeses, milk powder and infant formulas etc.

4:  To enhance the milk quality free from adulteration to increase the health safety and life style.

5:  To develop the dairy research institute for development of dairy and dairy value added products

6: There is urgent need to increase the production of milk products (e.g. variety of Cheeses) to increase the economy of country

7: Create the job as a Dairy Inspector to stop the adulteration in milk and milk products at district level

8: To establish a Dairy Section under the control of The Punjab Food Safety and Standards Authority

Muzzamil Hussain, Awais Raza

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