STAFF REPORT IBD: Developed countries have based their socio-economic development on the foundations of science and technology and its commercialization on a wider scale is benefitting these nations as commercialization in fact bridges the public sector to the corporate world and hence both complement each other in research and development.

Speakers expressed these remarks at the recently held ceremony of the Commercialization and Innovation Cell of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources at the PCRWR Headquarters here.

In Pakistan, commercialization of scientific developments and innovations has always been a difficult task due to financial constraints confronted by the public sector.

PCRWR is extending commendable services in the research and development of water resources and has taken up the task to practically commercialize its products and technologies,  for this purpose, it is also extending cooperation to other national and international institutions and agencies.

Akhlaq Ahmad Tarrar, Federal Secretary SandT, said, “The Commercialisation and Innovation Cell of PCRWR would provide basic research facilities, infrastructure and technical guidelines for the indigenous development of products and technologies envisaged for the water quality and quantity management.

Earlier, Chairman PCRWR Dr. Aslam Tahir briefed the media about the commercialisation and innovation strategy of PCRWR, products and services launched under this strategy.

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