By Badar Minhas

RECENT RESEARCHES, published in international magazines of repute in US and France, have found that more than 100 trillion bacteria around us are useful for health and if not taken the in-body bacteria may turn hostile and harm us. Wow. “More than 100 trillions”. That is way too large a number, isn’t it?

Think for a while about bottled water, aggressively cooked food, ultra hygienic environment around us in the modern cities of the world, packed milk, clean food packages etc. We are living so clean life that we prefer the yogurt which is packed in plastic hygienic boxes rather than eating the one available at the milk shops but the research was highlighting that especially the bacteria present in milk and yogurt.

We are so clean that we have banned horses, cattle, and other animals present in the villages to avoid some of small diseases which are caused due to our dumbness and laziness. Its not that in cities we are not facing health issues. Many researchers participating in Technology Foresight in Health, Energy, Education and other areas highlighted the issue of Urbanization causing real trouble all over the world. But, is it a self-made paradigm shift or forced or induced?

Governments are observed to have been focusing on economy more than society so the innovation is boosted about all over the world. The greatest innovation level is found in the industry where FDI (foreign direct investment) is present in low-tech industries. Foreign firms are said to be the main source of innovation through spillovers of labor rather than the real spillovers resulting in technology transfer. So, the causal relationship reinforces the technology dependency which is present in low tech industries ultimately resulting in a scenario that big foreign companies are eating  small domestic ones, mostly, in Pakistani scenario, it is said to be SMEs. These low-tech companies then employ the HR which is the result of international corporations very strong in quality, technology and product innovation in addition to process innovation. The ultimate consequence is the population in flows from villages, towns and small cities to big cities which are having huge opportunity for MNCs (multinational corporations). The need of HR is fulfilled by takeovers of SMEs which are having their presence with little profit margin due to lack of technology and innovation. So, the dilemma of Urbanization is being fueled due to this business process.

It is said that their budget is more than that of Pakistan. Wow. Think for a while about the limitations of local politicians, their thinking, business plans and future campaign prospects. What on earth we are embracing is a society giving value to industrialization which provokes urbanization. This is why a farmer prefers to leave its profession and become a jobber. It happened in UK and other developed countries and now it is being acknowledged by our researchers. A study (extrapolation) in NUST revealed that in 2050, we will be dying for farmers to cultivate but then will arise the issues which are currently being faced by Greece, Spain and other EU entities.

Technology is good but excess of anything is bad; even if it is worshiping the God. We need to devote time to our family, society and eco-system which is being spoiled due to technology. Isn’t it so…….

Blink while Gotten Sink in Pink Media giving no time to youth to protest against the negatives changes and innovations around. You may call Pink Education responsible for this also as observed the decreasing number of blue collars with increasing number of while ones.

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