STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan needs concerted efforts to benefit from Global Green Climate Fund that can help identify climate friendly technologies, facilitate their deployment, build national and regional technology management capacity besides supporting the research, development and demonstration of new climate friendly technologies.

“Pakistan is one of the worst victims of adverse effects of climate change and rightly deserves its share from the Fund,” experts said.

They said that the federal government should take initiatives to advocate the cause of Pakistan, as the international body would not directly contact the provinces.

It is pertinent to mention here that Farrukh Iqbal Khan, a lead negotiator of the Pakistani delegation at the Durban Climate Summit, stated that the International Energy Agency (IEA) report has already predicted that with the current emissions rate the impacts of climate change would become irreversible by 2017, and the developing countries like Pakistan urgently needed money for adaptation.

“The Fund is expected to play an important role in enabling developing countries to adapt and mitigate climate change impacts. It will also assist countries to allow technology cooperation and transfer,” the experts said.

Dr Qamaruz Zaman Chaudhry, Advisor on Climate Change, said now there is a need to develop capacity to claim share from funds like Green Climate Fund and the ability to utilise it.

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