STAFF REPORT KHI: The global investors consider Pakistan as the most potential hub in the region to generate electricity exploiting solar energy as it has immense capacity and potential to explore sunlight as compared with different part of the world.

“The solar energy is one of the effective and immediate fields for Pakistan to overcome its worsening energy crisis along with different renewable projects side-by-side,” Raphael Lechner, Lead Trainer of Institute fur Energiethnik, said while addressing a recently concluded 5-day training progrramme on Solar PV System under the auspices of Renewal Energy Association of Pakistan.

He said that handsome investment can come to Pakistan in this sector if the government and private sector join hands to work on the fastest emerging technology and source of electricity production.

So far many projects of solar energy in the pipeline but there is a need to plan a mega project which provides a lowest cost electricity to masses compared with different conventional sources particularly furnace oil and gas.

Germany has achieved tremendous success for producing renewable energy and attained a status of top power producers through solar energy yet Pakistan has much potential more than double of it tapping its natural resource for combating its power crisis, Lechner added.

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