STAFF REPORT IBD: Agriculture scientists are the real driving force of the farming techniques and they should play their role for the development of agriculture sector. They also need to ensure that research results must reach the door-step of farmers to increase production in order to ensure food security in the country.

“Zero tillage technology in Pakistan was introduced about 2-3 decades ago but the same is not wide-spread as one would like to see,” said Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad, PARC Chairman, while addressing the scientists at a meeting of the Association of Former PARC Scientists (AFPS) in the PARC head office.

On the occasion, Dr. Akhtar Beg, Member of AFPS presented a project on Soybean Cultivation in Pakistan for views and comments. The Members of AFPS were of the view that in similar environment in India, soybean cultivation has been a success story, so the project on soybean should emphasize on its adoption.

While discussing the criteria for Emeritus Scientists, Dr. Amir and Dr. Iftikhar requested Dr. Afzal and Dr. Rashid Ahmad to prepare afresh criteria for becoming the Emeritus Scientist of PARC.

Dr. Amir suggested that the PARC and NARC libraries should be up-graded and the same should be linked with the international organizations for wider exchange of information on agriculture RandD.

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