STAFF REPORT IBD: Competition will raise in the region with the implementation of Most Favourite Nation (MFN) status to India from January 1, 2013,and need is to establish an effective an efficient quality infrastructure in all sectors, to compete well.

“The government has outlined a comprehensive strategy with an aim to develop a fast-growing, internationally competitive, and export-driven industrial sector. We have to focus on quality not only in our trade goods and industry but also in all segments of life including education, health and science and technology,” Federal Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali said this while addressing the recently held National Quality Forum (NQF), organized by the ministry in collaboration with the European Union funded TRTA II programme.

In his remarks, Secretary Science and Technology Ikhlaq Ahmad Tarar said that the strictness of technical regulations in food safety and agricultural health standards are major sources of concern among many developing countries. “We have to look into the services offered by the basic institutions of the quality infrastructure in the country,” he said.

Pierre Mayaudon from EU said, “The European Union is proud to support such a meaningful initiative as to promote a National Quality Policy in Pakistan.”

Dr. Ali Abbas Qazilbash, OIC, TRTA II programme, said that an efficient quality infrastructure together with an effective technical regulation framework can promote the rule of law at the technology level to help alleviate poverty through socio-economic growth and stability.

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