STAFF REPORT LHR: The growth of the kinnow industry in the country can be possible only when the dominating role of middleman is diminished in the whole process and subsequently the exports of citrus fruit could be enhanced manifold provided the farmers are provided direct benefit.

“At present Pakistan is among the top 10 citrus growing countries in the world and the world export market for horticulture products is about $80 billion, in which Pakistans share is not up to mark. The kinnow exports reached $100 million in the fiscal year 2010-11,” said Chief Executive Officer Harvest Tradings Ahmad Jawad while talking to this scribe.

According to him, the exports can be increased further if all the stakeholders remove the role of middleman and strengthen the farmer input who is the real stakeholder of this emerging industry.

Kinnow is known as a special variety of citrus fruit and due to unique climatic conditions it is grown in Pakistan, he said adding it has tremendous potential of export to many countries.

Annual production of citrus on an average is estimated about 2 million-ton, of which 90 percent are kinnow, and export also reached to 360,625 tons.

Pakistan exports to Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and CIS that are been supposed as traditional markets from many years.

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