STAFF REPORT PSR: An exhibition featuring lab-engineered products has recently been held in the city. On the occasion, a large number of entrepreneurs expressed their keen interest towards businesses based on a standardised model through the exhibition.

A total of 30 stalls showcased scientific and industrial products of various companies across the province.

Hameeda Khan, a research officer at Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) displayed experiments of cultured marble. She said marble waste is a source of land, air and water pollution and they have cultured marble from dried marble slurry powder in the lab. She said that the method could contribute towards setting up industries for table-making, bath tubs and shower basin.

Mohammad Sohail, scientific research officer at PCSIR, displayed a herbal powder drink Seabukthorn besides Wonder Meat prepared from soya bean, Nutradiet food supplement. He has also produced a solar panel for dehydration of vegetables which could be used at homes.

Fazal Mehmood, an official of Nuclear Institute of Food and Science displayed the process of nuclear radiation. Besides wheat seed, he also exhibited his herbal tea products which were collected from Swat, where, he said there are six thousand varieties of herbal.  The exhibition was organised by PCSIR.

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