STAFF REPORT KHI: Female students of the Federal Urdu Universitys Chemistry Department have discovered an easy and cheap way to generate electricity, which, if further experiments yield positive results, could have a significant contribution in power generation.

These students, studying at the BS Final, used domestic items and sea water to complete “Homemade Battery” project to win first position in university level departmental competition.

Sea water has salts and considered to be very rich in ions thats why it is a big source to generate energy.

This project was completed in 7 days under the supervision of Dr. Yasmin by seven members group including Nimra Ijaz Khan, Masoma Tariq, Aqsa Siddiqi, Iqra Sultana, and Mahwish Quasar.

Taking to the media, Nimra Ijaz said that they have performed this project twice, first they performed with the sea water and second time they have tried domestic items like fruits and vegetables.

“But the experiment with sea water proves more reliable than the use of domestic items for the same purpose.”

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