STAFF REPORT IBD: As part of its initiative to make Pakistan a progressive country, PTCL keeps playing its role by conducting different event and campaigns. Maintaining the same trend, PTCL has recently organized a seminar on awareness and prevention of breast cancer at its headquarters.

The main reason of organizing this event was the increasing number of death toll across the country due to breast cancer. The positive part of this news is that it can be cured and prevented just in case it get diagnosed in early stages. So it is very important to spread the awareness of this life taking disease.

“We believe that our employees are our most precious asset. Our HR policies are geared towards creating a better future for our dedicated workforce,” said Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) HT, Syed Mazhar Hussain, on this occasion.

Dr. Shazia Yousaf, Oncologist at the Shifa International Hospital Islamabad,was the main speaker of the event.

Dr. Shazia appreciated the PTCL a lot for organizing such an informative seminar and said that women can check the symptoms by themselves at their homes by a simple process and highlighted that process as well.

This effort of PTCL will surely impact the death toll due to breast cancer and hopefully we will see a significance decrease in it in next statistics.

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