STAFF REPORT LHR: The Annual P@SHA ICT Awards 2012 ceremony has recently been held in the city. This is the ninth year of these awards taking place. This year, the P@SHA ICT Awards carried the theme “Innovation Beyond Limits” to appreciate and highlight the upcoming talent and potential IT leaders. This year over 100 entries were received for the awards.

“The judges are becoming tougher and tougher each year and are awarding recognition to only the best in each category. We are delighted with some of the entries received this year and are looking forward to taking the winners to Brunei to compete regionally against the best software applications in the Asia Pacific,” said Jehan Ara, President of P@SHA, on the occasion.

In his remarks, Chairman P@SHA, Naseer Akhter, said that the new talent in ICT sector needs nurturing and recognition of their hard work. This is where P@SHAs ICT Awards come in to fill the gap. The winners of these awards will participate on behalf of P@SHA as delegates to various regional and international ICT Awards fares and events, including APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Awards) in Brunei. There will be other leading IT countries taking part including Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Korea, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and others.

The winners and their details will be presented subsequently in future posts for the benefit of those who are interested to get to know Pakistani innovative talent more closely.

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