STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan will be amongst the top five countries in the world which will produce and export high quality motorcycles in the coming next few years.

Senior Managing Director of Honda Motor Company Japan, T Oyama, predicted this at the launch ceremony of the firms new model Pridor in Karachi recently.

Atlas Honda has achieved a lot of success in Pakistan and with its high sales and production, it will bring a boom to the countrys economy in an impactful way. Atlas Honda has invested $35 million this year alone in Pakistan and increased its motorcycle production capacity to 750,000 per year.

He said that the production capacity will be increased to one million units in a coming few years with an estimated cost of an additional $50 million. This collaboration between Atlas Group Pakistan and Honda Japan in amongst the oldest in joint venture history of Honda Motor Company anywhere in the world, and together Atlas Honda Ltd. has brought about the drive for motorcycle industry in Pakistan.

With the support of the government through Economic Coordination Committee, the localization in the motorcycle industry can continue and bring more profits.

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