STAFF REPORT KHI: As a step forward in offering innovative services, the LG Electronics has launched its Information Academy programme for students, that includes a unique and the first-of-its-kind quiz show, titled LG One School One Library.

Purpose of the initiative is aimed at engaging the youth of the country in a high-quality culture experience on television.

Targeting students from Grade 10 to 12, the LG One School One Library invites them to utilize their information and intellect in an enriching culture experience, showcasing their talent on a national level. The programme encourages the talent of children, engaging their minds in an academically stimulating show, giving impetus to their academic growth.

“This is a unique programme where students can showcase their talent and intellect on national television. Through this programme, we aim to offer the students a platform to build their future,” D. Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE, said in his remarks.

He urged educational institutes and parents to encourage their children to register as this is a programme that will certainly enhance their educational skills.

Pakistan is a very valuable market for LG. Over the years, LG has grown as a strain in the country. This programme is not only aim to contribute towards to development of the educational sector of the country, but is also our try to give back to the society. LG stands committed in the development of the country, Kim added.

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