STAFF REPORT LHR: While registering their protest against the low prices of their produce and high power tariffs for the agriculture sector, the farmers organised a big rally against the low prices of their produce and the high power tariffs.

Participants of the rally, arranged under the auspices of Pakistan Farmers Alliance, burnt their “Phutti” and a farmer received burns when he was trying to set the cotton on fire.

They also demanded a support price of Rs 4000/- per maund for raw-cotton (Phutti) to compensate them. Otherwise they would prefer to burn their produce on sell it against a meager price.

Kisan Ittehad leaders have alleged that cotton growers this year would suffer a collective loss of Rs 187 billion as they are getting on average Rs 2000 to 2200 per maund for their produce instead of Rs 3200 per maund suggested by the Punjab government as support price for cotton in March this year.

Pakistan Kisan Ittehad Chaudhry Anwar Ali said that the Punjab government has set a target of 15 million bales but feared that production might remain around 12.6 million bales due to reduction in area under cotton.

He said that the basic reason for this loss is the hike in the prices of fertilizer, diesel, electricity, seed and pesticides. He said that in such a situation and after facing huge losses farmers would not be able to sow the next crops.

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