STAFF REPORT IBD: The OIC Standing Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation (COMSTECH) in collaboration with the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has recently held a workshop on water quantity and quality assessment. Around 32 national and international resource persons, scientists and engineers participated in the workshop in addition to researchers from Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and France.

Purpose of the event was to identify the prevailing challenges at multiple levels in water quantity and quality assessment for better management practices and to provide technical support through sharing knowledge, expertise and experience among the member states to raise the awareness in these neglected areas.

Scientists and researchers from Public Health Engineering Department, Local Government Rural Development Department, USAID, PARC/NARC, WASA, NIO, SUPARCO, NGOs and academia also participated in the workshop.

The workshop proceedings were conducted in nine sessions covering various aspects of water quantity and quality assessment, followed by the field visits of the National Water Quality Laboratory of the PCRWR and the CDA filtration plants.

The workshop highlighted the need to enhance water resources for human and its productive uses, which have become vital and to ensure the sustainable management of the worlds limited resource in terms of quantity and quality.

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