STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) regional Office, Bahawalpur has established its Field Research Stations, covering over 15 sites in the Cholistan desert to conduct development oriented research on the desert problems in the actual desert environment.

The major Desert Research Stations are at Dingarh, Naraywala, Hyderwali, Toba Allah Yar, Marrot, Qaim Sir, Noorpur Balochan, Noor Sir Balochan, Malkana, Nawa Khoh, Piryar, Chaku, consisting of land for research more than 200 hectares, said spokesperson PCRWR Lubna Naheed.

She said that the area of Field Research Station is representative of marginal dry lands where research on all aspects of dry lands can be carried out.

The major research areas includes rainwater harvesting, desertification control through Sand Dune Fixation and Stabilization, Duneland Afforestation, Rangeland Management, Grassland Development, Agro-forestry, Saline Agriculture, Silvipasture, Arid-horticulture and Saline Fish Farming.

The innovative technologies developed at Cholistan to convert deserts in to productive lands are being replicated in other main deserts which includes Thar in Sind and Chagi-Kharan in Balochistan.

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