STAFF REPORT LHR: A German company, AEG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Punjab government to extent cooperation in solar energy sector under which solar energy projects of at least 50 to 100 megawatt will be set up in Punjab in 2013 and of at least 300 megawatt in 2014.

Energy Secretary Jehanzeb Khan and AEG representative Karsten Weltzien signed the agreement.

Germany had made remarkable progress in solar energy sector and the 125-year old German company had expertise in solar technology and generated 30,000 megawatt power in Germany which had comparatively lesser sunlight and was almost double of the total power generated in Pakistan.

The Punjab government plans to expeditiously implement the agreement and solar energy projects would be completed at the earliest.

Pakistan has high grade coal as well as vast potential of generation of hydel power and a vast scope of setting up solar energy projects in Cholistan. The provincial government expects more power generation companies of Germany would come to Pakistan and invest in energy sector as it is already working with Turkey, Germany and China in energy sector.

The solar energy projects of 50 to 100 megawatt are being set up in Cholistan while solar energy projects of 20 megawatt each would be established in industrial estates.

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