STAFF REPORT KHI: Mobilink, in continuation of its efforts to reach out to the flood affected areas across the country, has partnered with the Pakistan Navy to provide relief to flood victims in Balochistan. This effort follows Mobilinks initial phase of flood relief activation that reached thousands of victims in Southern Punjab, says a press release issued here.

The Companys initial flood relief activity, organized in September last, had focused on victims in the vicinity of Rojhan Jamali, DG Khan and Rajanpur.

District Jaffarabad is one of the worst floods affected with access to the area being hindered by standing flood water, inundated road infrastructure and a precarious security situation.

As a result of this quick and coordinated action, the Mobilink Foundation has become the first to provide relief through supplies of food and water to nearly 12,000 flood affected people in South Punjab.

Mobilink is now working with the Pakistan Navy to initiate flood-relief efforts to counter flood related devastation in Baluchistan.

Mobilink Foundation and Mobilink Torchbearers, and Mobilinks Employee Volunteer Force will be engaged for physical distribution of food and water supplies for over 14,000 people occupying temporary shelters in the area, while the Pakistan Navy will organize logistics, transportation and distribution, using both air and land transport.

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